B 1


Ultimate performance,like nothing else

User-friendly Ergonomic Designs

Fully Digital HCU B/W System

Fully Digital HCU B/W System The B1 is a fully digital HCU B/W system, with unique user-friendly design and two active transducer connectors. The B1 provides a wide range of patient data solutions.

The B1 is durable and powerful, it can support daily application usage for a wide variety of applications.

  • 12 inch adjustable LCD and clear image from any angle, ensures doctors’ comfortable diagnosis.
  • 145º transvaginal transducer, make patient comfortable and painless.

12“ LCD

Large screen, good for operators and diagnosis.

Feature Advantage Benefit
12” LCD Large screen and super image area. Wide angle of view Allows clear viewing for both the operators and the patients

High Quality

Features, Advantage & Benefits

Feature Advantage Benefit
6 kg Weight Easy to carry, high mobility Be ready for diagnosis everywhere
Internal Battery Continuous working for 1-1 .5 hours Bedside diagnosis and apply in versatile environments
Mobile trolley: 2 active Sockets 4 Transducer Holders Available for all transducers Be ready for versatile application, not need to change transducers frequently

High Quality

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Imaging Mode: B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M, THI.

Scanning Mode: Electronic Convex/Linear/Microconvex/tv.

Gray Scale: 256 Gray Scale.

Display: 12”High Resolution LED Monitor with tilt facility.

Probe Frequency: Multi frequency 5 frequency selection.

Probe Connector: 2 (standard).

Gain Control: Overall Gain Control,(B-Mode, M-Mode) 8 stepTGC control.

Image Display: Image Direction- Left/Right, Up/Down.

Zoom: max .5 to 4.0 in 8 steps Biopsy guide line: on/off with Position/angle adjustment.

Cine Loop: 256 frames.

Image Storage : 2000 + Images (Permanent Storage).

Connectivity : USB, LAN, S-Video,VGA, DICOM 3.0.

Standard Configuration : Machine + 2 Probe Connector + 1 Convex Probe, In-Built Battery Backup.

Clinical Application : Abdominal, Gynecology,Cardiac, Urological,Vascular, Small Parts, Musculoskeletal.

Probes : Convex probe, Linear probe, Micro Convex probe Phased Array Cardiac probe, Trans Vaginal probe.

Optional : TV Probe / Intracavity, Linear Probe, Micro Convex Probe, Trolley, Biopsy Guide (Convex/Linear/TV), Thermal Printer.