Digital B/W Doppler Ultrasound System

Premium Performance at Affordable Price

Konica Minolta's Ultra-Compact CR

  • 15” Color Monitor display
  • Standard 3 probe connectivity for ease of use
  • Broadband Multi-frequency probes
  • Multi-beam forming technology
  • Adaptive speckle reduction technology
  • Compound imaging
  • Extended imaging
  • Full screen display mode
  • PW Doppler mode
  • One key optimization
  • Auto IMT
  • 500 GB HDD
  • Free Hand 3D (optional)
  • Panoramic (optional)

Technical Specifications

High Quality

System Design Compact and slim design
Display 15”Color monitor display
Scanning Mode Electronic Convex/ Linear/ Phased Array/ TV
Imaging Mode B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M, THI
Probe Connector 3 probe connectivity
Probe Frequency Working frequency 2.0 - 14 Mhz
Gain Control Overall gain control,8 step TGC adjustable
Gray Scale 256 Levels
Image Storage 500GB HDD
Connectivity USB, LAN, S-Video, VGA, DICOM 3.0
Image Processing Speckle Reduction Algorithm, Compound Imaging, Chroma 8 types
Application Abdominal, Vascular, Thyroid, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Cardiac, Urology, Pediatrics, Small parts, etc.
Measurement Distance, Circumference/Area, Volume, OB Calculations GYN Calculations
Standard Configuration 3 Probe Connector +1 Convex Probe
Optional TV Probe / Intra-cavity, Linear Probe, Biopsy Guide for ( Convex/Linear/TV ), Thermal Printer.

Broadband Probes

  • P3F14C - Phased Array Probe
  • L7I38F - Linear Probe
  • C3I60F - Convex Probe
  • V6L11F - Endo Cavity Probe

Clinical Images