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Advanced 4D experience in OB/GYN

Konica Minolta's Advanced 4D experience in OB/GYN

The system supports both abdominal and transvaginal volumetric probes to realize 3D/4D imaging in OB/GYN application, providing more detailed and complete volumetric information to assist the observation and diagnosis of fetus wellness and uterus health

Smart Elastography

Konica Minolta's CD 25 PRO Smart Elastography

The system supports elastography Imaging. By delivering an external compression on the tissues; the system is able to visualize the stiffness of tissues in real time. With this smart Elastography technology, the doctors can be more convinced in early detection of latent disease.

Advanced Cardiac Functions

Konica Minolta's CD25 PRO Advanced Cardiac Functions

CD25 pro is equipped with the advance cardiac functions colour tissue doppler & pulse wave doppler. TDI helps in the assessment of cardiac muscle movements. Addition to this, the system provides AMM mode with three M line cursors; with 360 rotation. This powerful AMM assits to provide exact analysis of cardiac structure movement even in difficult heart positioning.

Auto fit (One touch optimization)

High Quality

One button optimization function adjusts TGC and B gain in B mode as well as base line, PRF and PW gain in PW mode to realize the best B/W image and PW image.

Auto EF (Automatic measurement of Ejection Fraction)

High Quality

By setting 3 points of the left-ventricle (systole-diastole), system can automatically track the edge of myocardium, calculate the LV volume and output function.

Technical Specifications

High Quality

Imaging Mode B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M, B/D, THI, Color Doppler Imaging, Power Doppler Imaging, Directional Doppler, PW/ CW Doppler, Duplex,Triplex, Color M, Anatomical M Mode, TDI, Panoramic Imaging, 4D Imaging, Auto IMT Calculations
Scanning Mode Electronic Convex / Linear / Phased Array / Volume
Gray Scale 256
Display 19/17” Display Monitor
Probe Frequency 2 - 15 Mhz (Probe dependent)
Probe Connector 4 live probe connectors
Gain Control Overall Gain Control, 8 - Step TGC continuously adjustable
Image Magnification Full Screen Zoom, HD Zoom
Cine Loop More than 2,000 frames (Probe and Mode Dependent)
Image Storage Minimum 500 GB Hard Disk for inbuilt Digital Image Storage, CD/DVD Drive
Connectivity 4 USB, DICOM 3.0, S-Video, VGA
System Upgrade Flexible System upgrade through software
Clinical Application Abdominal, Vascular, Thyroid, Obs/Gyn, MSK, Adult/Peadiatric Cardiac, Urology, Pediatrics, Neonatal Head, Small parts, Transcranial etc.
Probes Convex / Linear / Micro Convex /Phased Array/Trans Vaginal / Transrectal / Volume Convex, Volume TVS Probe
Advance Features Trapezoid Imaging, Nanoview, Auto-fit, XBeam, MFI, Free Hand 3D, IMT Auto Measurement, Smarchive, ECG Module, VS Flow, Panoramic, 4D Pro + 4D Lite, CW, Anatomic M, Color M, TDI, DICOM 3.0

Broadband Probes

  • C3L60C - Convex Probe
  • L8L38C - Linear Probe
  • P3F14C - Adult Phased Array Probe
  • C3I2OC - Volume TVS Probe
  • V6L11C - Trans Vaginal Probe
  • C5L40C - Volume Convex Probe