CD 25

Remarkable performance at realistic value.

CD-25 Powerful Platform: VIS


Konica Minolta's Ultra-Compact CR

1. Lightweight & Easy to use

2. Better 2D Image

3. Automatic Measurement

4. High Color Sensitivity

5. Powerful Functions

6. Strong in OB/GYN

Slim & Compact

Konica Minolta's Ultra-Compact CR

1. 15/17" high resolution LED/LCD monitor & wide visible angle for 170 degree.

2. Wide angle adjustable with articulating arm.

Slim & Compact

Konica Minolta's Ultra-Compact CR

1. 4 active transducer sockets available for wide range of applications.

2. Advanced Features at affordable cost.

3. ECG mode connector.

4. Print, VGA, DVD, Video, 4 USB.


Konica Minolta's Ultra-Compact CR

M-Tuning: One button image optimization.

M-Tuning for 2D: Quickly optimizes the uniformity and contrast.

M-Tuning for Color Mode: Quickly optimizes the ROI box.

M-Tuning for PW/CW: Quickly optimizes the baseline and angle.

Tranducers & General use

Konica Minolta's Ultra-Compact CR CD 25 can be configured with a wide range of transducers

1. Linear Array

2. Convex Array

3. Phased Array

4. Bi-plane Probe

5. Volumetric Probe

6. Transvaginal Probe

Konica Minolta's Ultra-Compact CR General use

1. PIH

2. μ-Scan

3. Color Flow Calculation

4. Triplex and Auto Trace in PW mode

5. OB

Technical Specification

Konica Minolta's Ultra-Compact CR

Imaging Mode: B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M, B/D, Color Doppler Imaging, Power Doppler Imaging, Directional Doppler, PW/ CW Doppler, THI, PIH (Pulse Inverse Harmonics), Real Time Dual, Duplex,Triplex, Color M, Steer M, Panoramic Imaging, TDI, 4D Imaging, Auto IMT Calculations.

Scanning Mode: Electronic Convex / Linear / Phased Array/ volume.

Gray Scale: 256 Gray Scale.

Display: 15/17" LED/LCD Display Monitor with visible angle 1700.

Probe Frequency: 2 - 16 Mhz (Probe dependent).

Probe Connector: 4 live probe connectors + 1 Pencil Probe Connector.

Gain Control: Overall Gain Control, 8 - Step TGC continuously adjustable.

Image Display: Left/Right, Up/Down.

Zoom: Upto 10X Smart zoom.

Cine Loop: More than 1000 frames (Probe and Mode Dependent).

Image Storage : Minimum 500 GB Hard Disk for inbuilt Digital Image Storage, Inbuilt CD/DVD Drive.

Connectivity : 4X USB,LAN Networking, DICOM 3.0, S-Video, VGA, Video, Remote print.

System Upgrade : Flexible System upgrade through software.

Clinical Application :Abdominal, Vascular, Thyroid, Obs/Gyn, MSK, Adult/Peadiatric Cardiac, Urology, Pediatrics, Neonatal Head, Small parts, Transcranial etc.

Probes : Convex / Linear / Micro Convex /Phased Array/Trans Vaginal / Transrectal / TEE, Volume Convex.

Optional : Volume probe, Adult TEE Probe, Pediatric TEE Probe, Surgical (Hockey Probe), Bi-Plane Rectal Probe, Contrast Imaging, Elastography, Needle Enhancement (VIS - Needle) for linear probe.

Clinical Images