CD 35

Promising Image Quality
Newly Upgraded Technology

CD35 is an Advanced Cart Based Colour Doppler Ultrasound System. Promises better Image Quality solutions and has Newly Upgraded Technology. It has 19 inch LCD which has 360 degrees Rotatable Arm monitor. Equipped with New Touch Screen Interface & Balance Echo Compensation. Has 5Q Probe Technology for Image Quality Improvement.

Award Winning Design

Konica Minolta's -  CD 35

Features - 5Q Probe Technology

Konica Minolta's -  CD 35

Improved crystal grooving — increase the stability of probe performance, the homogeneity of image resolution and the sensitivity of probe.

Better grooving filler — improve vibration mode and frequency band width.

Better crystal material — increase the sensitivity and penetration of probe with imported new PZT material.

Multi-layer matching materials — improve acoustic impedance matching, reduce acoustic energy attenuation and increase image sensitivity.

Ultrasonic waveform optimization — increase the precision of harmonic image.


10.4" Touch screen

Monitor Arm Rotation near 360

19" High Resolution Medical LCD

Control Panel Rotation and Elevation Available

4 Active Probe Ports (All Available for 4D)

Gel Warmer

Imaging Technologies

Nanoview Provides Enhancement of contrast & smoothness of the image, shall have multi -Level-adjustable parameter for noise reduction.

VS Flow CD 35 has new technology of VS-Flow which is more sensitive of low velocity blood than conventional flow. It allows 20-30% Higher Flow Sensitivity Higher than the General Flow for Low Velocities Vessels.

Konica Minolta's CD E-Lite - Distinctive Design -  VS Flow


Volume Imaging Bringing you efficient image quality in Convex Volume and TVS Volume Imaging.

4D Convex Volume

Konica Minolta's CD E-Lite - Distinctive Design - 4D Convex Volume


4D Vaginal Imaging

Konica Minolta's CD E-Lite - Distinctive Design - 4D Vaginal Imaging


nSlice: To find out the best section of different part as quickly as possible by just a volume data.

Konica Minolta's CD E-Lite - Distinctive Design - nSlice

Cardiovascular Advance Cardiac functions like CW imaging, TDI, Color M, Anatomic M mode.

Konica Minolta's CD E-Lite - Distinctive Design - 4D Vaginal Imaging

Technical specifications

Imaging Mode: B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M, B/D, THI, Color, Power & Directional Power, PW/ CW Doppler, Duplex, Triplex, Color M, Anatomical M Mode, TDI, Panoramic Imaging, 4D Imaging, Auto IMT Calculations

Scanning Mode: Electronic Convex / Linear / Phased Array / Volume

Gray Scale: 256

Display: 19 Display Monitor

Touchscreen: 10.4 inches

Probe Connector: 4 live probe connectors

Gain Control: Overall Gain Control, 8 - Step TGC continuously adjustable

Image Magnification: Full Screen Zoom, HD Zoom

Cine Loop: More than 2,000 frames (Probe and Mode Dependent)

Image Storage: Minimum 500 GB Hard Disk for inbuilt Digital Image Storage, CD/DVD Drive

Connectivity: 4 USB, DICOM 3.0, S-Video, VGA

System Upgrade: Flexible System upgrade through software

Clinical Application: Abdominal, Vascular, Thyroid, Obs/Gyn, MSK, Adult/Peadiatric Cardiac, Urology, Pediatrics, Neonatal Head, Small parts, Transcranial etc.

Probes: Convex / Linear / Micro Convex /Phased Array/Trans Vaginal / Transrectal / Volume Convex, Volume TVS Probe

Advance Features: Trapezoid Imaging, Nanoview, Auto-fit, XBeam, MFI, Free Hand 3D, IMT Auto Measurement, Smarchive, ECG Module, VS Flow, Panoramic, 4D Pro + 4D Lite, CW, Anatomic M, Color M, TDI, DICOM 3.0

Probe Configuration

  • C3LC
    Convex Array
  • L8LC
    Linear Array
  • V6LC
  • C5LF
    Volume Convex
  • V6LC
    4D Vaginal
  • P3FC
    Phased Array

Clinical Images