CD 5

Digital Colour Doppler System

More Advanced. More Powerful.

Konica Minolta's Ultra-Compact CR

  • 12 high resolution LED monitor with tilt facility of 30˚degree
  • Standard 2 probe connectivity for ease of use.
  • Broadband Multi-Frequency probes
  • Full digital Multi-Beam forming technology.
  • Speckle Reduction Imaging
  • Multiple Compound Imaging (MCI)
  • Trapezoid Imaging.
  • i-Image (Intelligent Image Optimization)
  • Full screen display
  • Windows based system which support PC printer
  • EASYVIEW™: Image archive system
  • Short cut knob for quick adjustment
  • Auto IMT Function
  • Super Needle Function

Technical Specifications

High Quality

Display 12 inch High resolution colour LED
Scanning Mode Electronic convex / Electronic linear/ Electronic micro - convex / Electronic phased array
Imaging Mode B/M Mode, M Mode , 2B Mode ,4B Mode , B steer, CFM Mode, CPA Mode, DPD Mode, D(PW) Mode, B/BC Mode, Triplex Mode, CW Mode, TDI, Trapezoidal Mode, SuperNeedle
Probe Connector 2 probe connectors
Probe Frequency Working frequency 2.5 Mhz - 11 Mhz
Gain Control Overall Gain Control, 8 - step TGC continuously adjustable
Gray Scale 256 levels
Applications Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Urology, Vascular Cardiology, Small Parts, Pediatrics, MSK, Nerve
Image Storage 16GB high speed memory, (500GB hard disk optional)
Image Processing Speckle Reduction algorithm, Compound Imaging, Automatic / Intelligent image optimization, Chroma, Full screen display, Zoom factor: 4 steps
Clinical - Analysis Packages Abdomen, Obstetric, Gynaecology, Cardiology, Vascular, LE Vein, LE Artery Urology, Small parts,Pediatrics, Orthopedics
Standard - Configuration 2 probe connector, Full Screen Display Mode, i-image, Chroma, SRA, Compound imaging, Built-in Battery, VGA port, Video port, LAN port
Optional DICOM, Carrying Case, Trolley, Supporting Inkjet Printer, Video Printer, Biopsy guide
Connectivity 3 USB ports ,Ethernet port, Video out port, Remote port , VGA port, Foot switch port

Broadband Probes

  • C3-A - Convex Probe
  • L7M-A - Linear Probe
  • L7S-A - Linear Probe
  • MC6-A - Micro-Convex Probe
  • V6-A - Transvaginal Probe
  • P 3-A - Phased Array

Clinical Images