Technology Presentation
AeroSync AeroSync®, a new X-ray exposure synchronization technology, requires no cable connections to the x-ray generator. Image capture automatically begins when the AeroDR senses the X-ray exposure. This technology is available in Konica Minolta's wireless cassette DR system, AeroDR®.
Phase Contrast You must have had an X-ray in a hospital or a clinic. Phase contrast technology is now attracting attention as an innovative technique in X-ray. Before explaining phase contrast technology, the outline of X-rays will be described. The X-ray absorption difference (absorption contrast) of the body structure (such as bones and muscles) are recorded to films as image information by setting a cassette that works as X-ray film for a patient and radiating X-rays, as shown in Fig. 1. X-rays are then derived through the development process.
HS Processing The CR System has a variety of image processing capabilities.
The existing processing outline is as follows:

  • Automatic gradation processing (G processing)
    • Automatically adjust density to be fit for the body part concerned

  • Frequency processing (F or HF processing)
    • F processing emphasizes specific fineness.
    • HF processing emphasizes multiple fineness types.
      HF processing has more variations in emphasis degrees and patterns.

  • Equalization processing (E or HE processing)
    • Emphasize the difficult-to-see part.