AeroScan covers a wide range of Premium High-End Colour Doppler to entry level B & W Ultrasound systems which are innovative and intuitive. The AeroScan range caters to various segments in Radiology, OB /GYN, General Imaging and Cardiovascular Imaging. With AeroScan, Konica Minolta Healthcare India can boast of providing the best in healthcare imaging systems at affordable cost. These systems are created for excellent image quality and colour pick-up, stable and robust hardware as well as trouble free operations for years.

Greater Confidence in General Imaging

AeroScan’s advanced ultrasound platform provides superb image quality, intuitive user interface and fast scanning response. AeroScan's CD 50 Pro AI, CD 40, CD35, CD30, CD E Lite, CD25 Pro, CD25, CD20 Pro, CD15, CD10 Pro, B2 Pro & B1 Pro are equipped with a state-of-the-art high channel platform, AeroScan’s broad ultrasound range provides High resolution imaging and Deeper penetration. User-friendly interface simplifies the day-to-day user experience. Features like Artificial intelligence, Advance 3D/4D, STIC, Strain MQA, S-Live Light Source, Color 3D, PHI, Micro-scanning/SRI technology, Spatial compound imaging, Auto EF, NT, IMT, Panoramic imaging & more advance technologies gives confidence for best imaging practices.

Safeguarding the Heart

With High resolution imaging, Advance Technology, modern interface and quantification tools help customers for cardiac studies. Aeroscan CD50 Pro AI, CD40, CD35, CD30, CD25 Pro, CD25, CD Elite, CD15, CD10 Pro offer extraordinary B Mode, Highly Sensitive Color Doppler, CW Doppler sensitivity, Tissue velocity imaging, Tissue Doppler imaging and Auto EF that enhances the Doctor diagnostic confidence in cardiac imaging. Features like Strain MQA, Stress Echo, Anatomical M-Mode tools help to offer the best in cardiac imaging.

Reaching out to every Point-of-Care

Our Premium High density wide range of linear transducers give users an indispensable tool for point-of-care applications which include Anesthesia, Point of Care, Pain Management, Regional nerve block, Musculosketal and Rheumatology. Sonimage MX1, Sonimage MX1 Platinum, Sonimage HS2, Aeroscan CD15, CD10 Pro, B1 Pro provide a high frequency platform up to 18MHz allows impressive high frequency high resolution image quality .High Sensitive Power Doppler makes diagnoses of superficial flow quicker and easier. The facility of Super Needle Visualisation provides the ease of use and diagnostic confidence to the operators.

Protecting investments

The AeroScan’s range offers basic entry level models, B1 PRO, B1 PRO Color Doppler and B2 PRO P digital imaging ultrasound systems with 12” and 15” LCD/LED displays. The colour Doppler segment offers portable color doppler CD10 PRO 15.6 ” LCD display with Pinless Transducers. In the mid-range premium segment, Konica Minolta offers CD20 PRO CD25 PRO, CD25, CD Elite, CD30 which avails high density probes offering excellent image quality ,wide angle transvaginal probe with 200-degree field of view, easy user interface and Quick responsible 13” touch screen and More in specific models.

Our Team

MD, Konica Minolta

Mr. Hiroshi Maeda

Executive Director

Mr. Jigar Gada

General Manager

Mr. Rajeev Joshi

Our Culture

At Konica Minolta Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd., we work in an open and honest culture with a healthy team environment. Our aim is to be customer centric and passionate towards our goal. Along with the above, we remain accountable to our clients and partners at all times.

At Konica Minolta Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd., we work in an open and honest culture with a healthy team environment. Our aim is to be customer centric and passionate towards our goal. Along with the above, we remain accountable to our clients and partners at all times.

Our Environment

Our Environment

We have our Head Office and Service Centre in Andheri Mumbai. We have branch offices at Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai and will shortly expand to more locations. We have an open office environment wherein each and every member including the Managing Director is approachable at all times.

E-waste Awareness

Konica Minolta recognizes the need for responsible handling of end-of-life machinery and parts. We recognize that our organization's activities significantly impact the environment, and we make sure our products leave a positive influence worldwide.

Konica Minolta Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd, deals with Medical Devices like CR / DR / USG. In every endeavour, we uphold accountability to our valued clients and partners, always ensuring transparency and excellence.

Konica Minolta Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd is following the directives set by the government. We are very aware of the electronics sold and the E- Waste generated at the end of the life of these devices. Konica Minolta Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd is complying with the E-Waste regulations and is keeping track of the E-Waste generation through diligent reporting on the E-Waste portal created by the CPCB.

Considering the guidelines issued by PWM (20/06/23) and the EPR mandates, Konica Minolta Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd proactively complies with the directives and actively works with various recyclers and competent agencies to address the impact of E-Waste generated.

Konica Minolta Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd puts efforts in creating awareness about the E-Waste EPR and train the staff members about the correct techniques for treating EEE at the end of their lives. For this purpose, we do associate with qualified organizations to host interactive workshops for their staff and material handling team.

E-Waste Recycling Do's and Don’ts

In addition to the compliances fulfilled by Konica Minolta, our customers, being important stakeholders can contribute to the activity to prevent potential environmental harm. With the help of the consumers, the improper disposal of electronics through them can be prevented.


1) Find Certified Recyclers: Look for a certified e-waste recycling facility that follows the rules and regulations laid out by E-Waste Handling and Management rules and abides by environmental safety standards.
2) Battery and Glass Safety: Always disconnect the battery from the product. Ensure that the glass surface is properly protected by proper materials to avoid any breakage.
3) Signs and Logos: Always check the Logos and Signs on electronic packaging.
4) Donate or sell: If your electronic devices are still in working condition, consider donating them to schools, non-profit organizations, or individuals in need. Alternatively, you can sell them through reputable platforms to give them a second life.


1) Do not dismantle electronic Products without a technician.
2) Do not dispose of non-working electronics in unorganized or informal sectors.
3) Do not throw electronics in the bin without checking the precautionary labels on the packaging.
4) Don't forget to properly label and package e-waste, especially if it holds batteries or other potentially hazardous materials.