B2 Pro

Aeroscan B2 Pro Provide Excellent Image quality and compact ergonomic design, superb PW Doppler imaging to access blood flow in different clinical Application, Aeroscan B2 Pro can accompany you at an all-new level of Feature to Enhance the 2D Resolution and User Friendly Tiltable Control Panel provides you a limitless ultrasound experience.


15 inch high definition LCD Medical Grade Monitor

Tiltable & User-friendly control panel with backlit

Tilting angle & adjustable monitor Arm

3 universal transducer connectors

Stable and compact design for portability With DVD Writer

High- Precision Digital Imaging Technology

Excellent Image Signal Processing

Excellent Image Signal Processing

Tissue Characterization Imaging Based on Characteristics of different Tissue, Aeroscan B2 Pro Optimal Parameters are preset in the system for acquiring ideal 2D Easily.

High Frequency Sampling

High Frequency Sampling

To Deliver 2D with real representation of actual Organs.

Aeroscan B2 Pro Powerful Features

Five- Frequency transducer

Each transducer has five set of Frequencies to enhance the better penetration and resolution , Finer image can be obtained according to different application diagnosis requirements.

High-Definition Zoom Function & PIP

Provide HD Zoom function, Enlarge the 2D size with better Resolution & Optimize the region of interest in 2D us we want , Picture – in – Picture feature gives better resolution in zoomed area.

One- Key Optimization

Aeroscan B2 Pro one-key Optimization save the user timing and Optimize the image parameter in one Key.