CD Elite


Integrated with compact appearance, cutting-edge technology and intelligent & simple workflow, Aeroscan CD Elite developed with latest generation technologies provides Fast and durability User Experience with flexible Configurations to fit large range of clinical application


21.5” High Definition LCD with
Multi-angle viewing Monitor

14” touch screen with
20°adjustable tilt

Hydraulic Height

5 Active Probes

512 SSD Hard Disc

Inbuild Battery Back-up

Output - S Video, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet

Enhanced Imaging Technologies

Digital Multi-Beam forming

New generation beamforming algorithm, supports multiple parallel beam processing, & integrating adaptive phase correction, dynamic aperture, greatly improves resolution and frame rate. Beamforming is used to activate the transducer array elements in a controlled manner during transmission of ultrasound beams and reception of the reflected echoes to form a high-quality B-Mode resolution

TAI - Tissue Adaptive Imaging

TAI - Tissue Adaptive

According to the actual ultrasonic signal in the organization being inspected, B mode and Color mode parameters are automatically adjusted. Different proficiency operators can work in a very short time to obtain excellent consistent scanning results, improving scan efficiency.

eHI - Harmonic Imaging

eHI - Harmonic

eHI launches a reverse wave to offset the fundamental wave, thus maintains the maximum harmonic wave. With the increased harmonic signal, the image is defined by a better contrast resolution with minimum artifacts.

eSRI - Speckle Reduction

eSRI - Speckle

eSRI is efficient noise technology that suppresses speckles completely, increasing signal-to-noise ratio and reflecting speed. It eliminates the inherent noise spots & greatly improves the image clarity & contrast resolution which provides more reliable diagnostic images.

SCI - Compounding

By steering the ultrasound beam, SCI is used to improve the contrast resolution, strengthen border detection, combined with a dramatic reduction of tissue speckle.

Advance Features

Smart Workflow

Aeroscan's CD E-Lite is well crafted to cater the today’s fast evolving healthcare practices.