Premium Capability &
Easy Portability Ultrasound System

Aeroscan CD15 New Generation Premium Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound System, CD15 has Raised the industry standards to all new features With ultra-modern innovative design and the clinically-proven technologies, system combines excellent image quality with High sensitive colour doppler function help you make fast and confident decisions, Latest Pinless transducer technologies allow for better penetration, higher resolution, greatly enhancing your diagnostic confident & User experience.

The compact size makes you comfortable for Clinical studies when patients abnormal or should not be transported to the diagnostic area, you can move the unit easily with the our Compact System, Easy mobility to this system to your patients in the ICU, CCU and emergency department & More.,


High-Definition 15″Anti-Glare LED
With 50° Tiltable Monitor

Elegant Keyboard
Control Panel

Durability Pinless
Dual Transducer

Light Weight Portable

320 GB Internal

Frequently Used Presets Can Be Optimize Fully User Customization

High Capacity Li-Ion Battery For 90 Minutes B-Mode Scan

ECG Functionality

Aeroscan C15 Supports

HD Convex, HD Linear, Micro-convex, Endocavity, Pediatric Cardiac, HD Phased Array, Intraoperative, TEE, Bi-plane, Volumetric 3D/4D and Laparoscopy transducer and more.,