Upgraded With New Technology

Aeroscan CD35 is an Advanced Cart Based Color Doppler Ultrasound System with 5Q Probe Technology enhance High Quality B-mode resolutions and increase the stability of probe performance, the homogeneity of image resolution and the High Sensitive on Color Doppler, CD35 innovatively designed for fast user experience with Limited Keys

23 Inch Big HD Monitor

13.3 Inch Touch Screen

4 Pinless Probe Connector

Rotatable Control Panel
with Elevation

Advanced user interface with Smooth workflow

Output- 4 USB, Dicom 3.0,
VGA, S-Video

5Q Probe Technology

5Q probe technology refers to five technologies that improve the image quality, including high performance PZT crystal materials, crystal cutting technology, element spacing filler, multiple matching layer technology and optimized sound field wave. All these technologies integrated to increase the probe bandwidth and enhance it's sensitivity as well as resolution.

Fusion THI 2.0

Fusion THI 2.0

Based on the new generation of invention tissue Harmonic, Fusion THI 2.0 integrated fundamental Wave and harmonic wave in the far field. With greatly enhanced tissue harmonic wave, it delivers penetration improved image by effectively increasing image resolution and tissue contrast.



The upgraded Xbeam is a new processing mode based at the front end of ultrasound beamforming. With steerable beam angle and the high frame rate, Aeroscan CD35 effectively increases the spatial resolution and reduces tissue shadow. Xbeam applies to most kinds of probes.

Balance Echo Compensation

Balance Echo Compensation

The upgraded AeroACAN CD35 transplant Balanced Echo Compensation technology from the High - End platform. It effectively compensate the weak echo signals and restrains the hyper echo signals according to the grey scale distribution and delivers much more uniform image.

VS Flow

VS Flow

VS flow is a high spatial resolution Doppler flow imaging. 30% more side signal is collected to enhance the whole flow sensitivity especially the slow velocity flow.



Elastography offers a real-time tissue stiffness assessment to detect potential abnormalities within normal tissue such as thyroid, breast, superficial tissue, etc. Qualitative measurement supports effectively distinguish between benign and malignant solid tumors.

Lumi 4D

Lumi 4D

Utilizing light source with adjustable angle, it presents a vivid fetal face and a much stronger three-dimensional sense.: the system supports abdominal and vaginal volume probes for 3D / 4D imaging in OB / GYN applications, providing more detailed and complete volume information to help observe and diagnose fetal health and uterine health.

Technical specifications

Imaging Mode

B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M, B/D, THI, Color, Power & Directional Power, PW/ CW Doppler, Duplex, Triplex, Color M, Anatomical M Mode, TDI, Panoramic Imaging, 4D Imaging, Auto IMT Calculations.

Probe Connector

4 live probe connectors.

Image Magnification

Full Screen Zoom, HD Zoom.


Direct Printer Support

Clinical Application

Radiology, Vascular, Thyroid, OBS/GYN, MSK, Adult/Peadiatric Cardiac, Urology, Pediatrics, Neonatal Head, Small parts, Transcranial etc.


Convex / Linear / Micro Convex /Phased Array/Trans Vaginal / Transrectal / Volume Convex / Volume TV Probe and More.,

Advance Features

Trapezoid Imaging, Nanoview, Auto-fit, XBeam, MFI, Free Hand 3D, IMT Auto Measurement, Smarchive, ECG Module, VS Flow, Panoramic, 4D Pro + 4D Lite, CW, Anatomic M, Color M, TDI and More.,