Extraordinary Image Quality
High- Sensitive Color Doppler 4D System

Aeroscan CD40 Premium segment systems provides intelligent workflow, Reliability, Outstanding Performance, Premium image Quality, Highly sensitive Color Doppler, Durability Hardware & Software, CD40 provides quick and fast diagnostic confidence to the doctors, The Intelligent Workflow and User Friendly Control Panel providing efficiency and remarkable user day to day experience




Point of Care

Advanced Technologies for
Unexceptionable Images

Advance μ-Scan+

A Latest generation μ-Scan+, Play major role in B- Mode and 3D/4D modes, is more delicately engineered to distinguish tissue and artifacts, Improves the visibility of organs and Lesions in B Mode & Enhanced the B-Mode Resolution . In the meantime control the Speckle noise , improving image uniformity and enhance border continuity.

Spatial Compound Imaging

Spatial Compound Imaging utilizes several lines of sight for optimal contrast resolution, speckle reduction and border detection, with which CD40 is ideal for superficial and abdominal imaging with better clarity and improved continuity of structures.

Advance Dynamic Color & HPRF

Effectively Improve the dynamics Resolution and Increase the resolution of blood Flow.

Clinical Benefit:
Low & Slow Blood Flow Detection for better and accurate vessel profile , High Spatial resolution for less overfilling & Greater Color Doppler Sensitivity.

Advance Feature

  • 21.5 inch LED monitor

  • Height-adjustable and rotatable control panel

  • Multi-stage temperature control gel warmer

  • 13.3- Inch high sensitivity touch screen adjusts to accommodate user viewing preference in any scanning environment

  • 5 active transducers sockets provides wide range of clinical applications

  • Sliding keyboard

  • Large capacity detachable battery

Advance Feature and 4d Volume

Advanced Transducer Technologies

1Mhz Low Frequency Convex transducer greatly improve the Piezoelectric crystal signal ratio, Acquire stunning Quality Images & New Generation μ-Scan + Provide High sensitivity & High Resolution for the Both near and far field, 200 degree Transvaginal Probe provides extraordinary image quality for gynaecology, Early Obstetrics scan, HD Linear Transducer achieve a Uniform image Quality, high sensitive acoustic spectrum in vascular, brest, MSK, Thyriod, Lower and upper limp, Etc and Aeroscan CD40 enhancing boundary improved visualization in 2D and Color Doppler in Echocardiogram with all premium Features loaded., CD40 Supports Ultras-wide Frequency bandwith Probes - Intra-operative, Paediatric, Neonatal, TEE, Transrectal, Volume Transducer & More.,