CD25 Pro

Compact & Powerful

Premium Affordable High-Definition Ultrasound System, Aeroscan CD25-Pro Delivers high-quality imaging for General, OB/GYN, Anesthesia, Cardiology & more., with Long Lasting, reliability and affordability. High Quality Color Doppler enhance your diagnostic confidence on day-to-day doctor user experience.


17” Inch High-Res Medical Grade Monitor

Minimum 500 GB Hard Disk for inbuilt Digital Image Storage

Output 4 USB, DICOM 3.0, S-Video, VGA, CD/DVD Drive

User friendly Control Panel

4 Probe connectors

Fuzzy logic flow

Fuzzy logic algorithm is applied to set each key parameter in specific range. Different parameter weight is designed according to targeted tissue to furthest restore flow signal, enhance flow sensitivity and reduce wall motion noise.

Fusion THI 2.0

Fusion THI 2.0

based on the new generation of inversion tissue harmonic, Fusion THI 2.0 integrates fundamental wave and harmonic wave in the far field. With greatly enhanced tissue harmonic wave, it delivers penetration-improved image by effectively increasing image resolution and tissue contrast.

Advanced 4D OB/ GYN experience

Advanced 4D OB/ GYN experience

the system supports abdominal and vaginal volume probes for 3D / 4D imaging in OB / GYN applications, providing more detailed and complete volume information to help observe and diagnose fetal health and uterine health.